Wednesday, January 04, 2006

two bandaids

thats all that i have to show for a providential escape on the bombay roads.

last evening, on the way home after work the wife and i were in thick traffic near byculla station. there was a taxi on my right and a car a little behind on the left. an enterprising driver tried to squeeze his car in the gap between the car on my left. this resulted in him hitting me on the side. thankfully he didnt hit me head on. the side of his car hit my handle bars and i went on to the taxicab on the right, bounced off and went right back on to the side mirrors of the traffic miscreant.

two of my fingers came into contact with the mirror at around 50kmph. this caused lots of pain and some bleeding. my wife's leg got a little bump in this melee too. everybody took off from the scene instantly. neither the taxicab, the miscreant nor me even stopped for a second. all concerned parties promptly disappeared. thankfully no one seemed very interested in getting into a fight.

i rode the rest of the way home with just three fingers on the clutch. and thats pretty much how i'm going to be changing gears for a while now.

a lucky scrape in more ways than one. i dont even want to think of the possibility that the bike could have skidded and led to us falling on the road which would have caused much more injury, thats assuming we wouldnt have fallen into oncoming traffic.

there are moments in life when one realises how lucky one is and gives thanks to a greater power for a favourable roll of the dice. this was definitely one of them.

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Carolyn said...

glad and your loved ones are safe, my friend!