Sunday, December 28, 2008

The next chief minister of J&K? Inshallah!

This speech could have been from a movie, its goosebumpy. He could lead armies on to the field with oration like this, lets be glad he's chosen to be a politician.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another economist who looked for a calling

“Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.” - Irving Fisher circa 1929.
He would go on to achieve much, including the Nobel Prize in Economics. After the above statement he could only do better. Thankfully for those of us who came later, the statement also probably put paid to any notions he may have had of a career as an analyst.

Tourists in Dubai

I've done a fair bit of travelling and have had the opportunity to see quite a bit of odd tourist behaviour but the ones visiting Dubai are a special kind. I've never known a tourist to take snaps of cars, till i got here that is. And thats what they do when they are here. 

A few instances could be written off as car entusiasts freaking out but when it happens often enough you know its statistically significant. OK, some of these cars are pretty rare (expensive) but still, would you travel half way around the world to click a few snaps of a lamborghini in a mall parking lot?

Friday, December 19, 2008

18th weekend in the premiership

The punts are:
1. Blackburn v/s Stoke -> 1 on home at 1.8 and half on a tie at 3.3
2. Bolton v/s Portsmouth -> 1 on home at 2.2; stop loss of half on a tie at 3.2 or away at 2.8
3. Fulham v/s Middlesbrough -> 1 half each on a tie or away at 3.2
4. Hull v/s Sunderland -> 1 on home at 1.9 and half on a tie at 3.25
5. West Ham v/s Villa -> 1 on a tie at 3.2 and 2 away at 2.2
6. Arsenal v/s Liverpool -> 1 each on a tie at 3 and away at 2.87; half stop loss on home at 2.25
7. Newcastle v/s Spurs -> 1 each on a tie at 3.2 and away at 2.6; half stop loss on home at 2.37
8. West Brom v/s Man City -> 5 on a tie at 3.25 and 7.5 on away at 2.2
9. Everton v/s Chelsea -> half on a tie at 3.3 and 1 away at 1.6

Week 17 returned a profit of 1.03%. Might not sound like much but it'll take a year for your money to fetch the same in a bank. Here's to a profitable weekend ahead.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home or Tie

is the forecast this week in test match cricket. Caution here; we lost 53% on the last matchday these 4 teams were involved in.

The Kiwis host the Windies at Napier and our calls are a stake on:
1. the hosts to win at 2.62
2. a tie at 2.37

The Indians host the English at Mohali and we call a stake on:
1. the hosts to win at 2.1
2. a tie at 2
slim pickings; but after they contrived to lose a match they led for three and a half days, odds of 7 weren't tempting enough to take a punt on the visitors

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Man United play Gamba Osaka

in the irrelevant Club World Championship. So be it. Yet another opportunity to gamble.
We have a stake on United to win at 1.33, 2/10 on a draw at 4, and 1/10 on an upset at 8.

18 Dec'08 - Update: 3% profit margin here. A good way to start the weekend.

Aus vs SA 1st Test

The Springboks are touring Oz. A good time to try a two-way bet.
We have a stake on a home side victory at 2 and half a stake on a draw at 3.25.

Big Mac Index

As an economist, i've accepted the rationale of the big mac index and have always thought it to be ubiquitous and hence well known as an idea that brings the vague world of foreign currency fluctuations in to the realms of everyday folk. 

In terms of thought processes, it was very probably a trailer of sorts, an indicator of the popular economics books and ideas that were to come in the following years; after it was concocted by the good folk at the economist.

Imagine my surprise when this well made video on youtube, one that explains the concept in such a manner that you need to know little economics and much less of math to understand it, had only 23 views.

So here's my good deed for the day. Click, Watch, Enjoy!

Spread the word around.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A week off

Eid Mubarak!

This part of the world celebrated Eid with gusto and i got some time off for being in the vicinity. Much web surfing was done, a few movies were watched, poker was played on facebook, and bets were made. Speaking of which the last weekend finally ended a 5 week losing streak and netted a 16% profit margin. There might be better ways to spend an unexpected week off, but you won't find me complaining.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Carling cup action mid-week,

and i'm betting on 2 goal margins
Burnley losing to the Gunners
Stoke beating Derby
Watford lose to Spurs
United knock out Rovers

With Liverpool too unable to score against West Ham at Anfield,
the weekend action in the premiership saw us post a 43% loss.