Sunday, January 01, 2006

three movies and a year goes by

thats pretty much how it transpired. the wife fell ill on friday and that ruled out the new years eve party in colaba. so we settled down to a movie marathon with a bottle of genuine french wine. the grape extract definitely helped the settling down process.

so we watched "garam masala", "shark tale", and "paheli". the first one was your stereotypical bollywood nonsensical musical comedy. it was hilariously funny, of course i only got the humour after i decided to try and stop connecting the scenes in my head, especially since the filmmakers had evidently given up the battle to do so. theres absolutely no semblance of flow to the script, but taken in isolation the individual scenes generate enough laughter to make the cost of the cd worthwhile.

shark tale is a brilliant animated movie. it reaffirms my faith in animation, i'm yet to be disappointed by a movie thats been sketched and drawn rather than shot and cut. so far so good but three in a row would have made me suspicious of the new year. too much laughing is never a great way to begin anything, it only looks that way.

so right then we ran into paheli. now this was a special disappointment since i was expecting some good work from amol palekar's directorial venture. this movie took the concept of a daftoid storyline to a whole new level. and since its been nominated to the oscar's as the official indian entry i'm sure that this will just confirm the notion many firangis would have about weird stuff happening in the land of the sadhus, snakecharmers and elephants.

thankfully, this is when the wine kicked in and i happily slept off and missed the last quarter of the movie. all in all, a great way to begin the new year.

happy 2006!

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