Sunday, November 30, 2008

In Arsene we trust!

A monetary loss is welcome here, Captain Cesc does inspire his team to a derby win in his first game in charge in the Premiership. And at the Bridge that too. What more could a Gooner ask for? He could stake moolah on his team next time around, for a change.

Sunday gave a much better result. 50% correct calls!
United and Pompey earned me some money. What can i say for the other matches?
Serves me right for betting on Spurs and against the Gunners.
A cardinal sin in Highbury and i've paid the price.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

why all the draws suddenly?

First it was last weekend with the big four being unable to find the back of the net, and now this one isn't looking too good either. A 30 quid loss on saturday thanks to:
- borough and newcastle giving us yet another goalless tie
- villa being unable to score at all, much less the 2 goal margin
- hull ruining it all by giving away a last quarter penalty
- wigan did score the 2 goals as i predicted but they were unable to keep a clean sheet
- but i've saved the best for last with the wanderers thrashing sunderland
A complete wipe-out. Not a single correct call on the evening. Now if the new captain inspires the gunners to glory at stamford bridge, it'll be a truly crappy weekend.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Betting on the EPL

Well, its been a long long break between posts. Lots of stuff has happened in life, loads of change but the weekend football matches do help find the proverbial bearings. I've moved cities, countries, jobs, designations, companies, etc. though i still have my Arsenal scarf. However, its been more profitable to bet against them recently.

Speaking of odds, here are my weekend predictions:
Villa beat Fulham by two or more
Middlesborough beat Newcastle
Stoke lose to Hull
Sunderland beat Bolton
Wigan beat West Brom by two or more
City host United and lose
Portsmouth beat Rovers
Spurs beat Everton
Chelsea beat Arsenal by two or more
Liverpool beat West Ham by two or more

Have a profitable weekend!