Friday, January 06, 2006

always the bridesmaid, never the bride

thats the one phrase that comes to mind when i think of arshad warsi's acting career.

lets not even venture into those films where he plays the supporting cast. thats just too obvious. he does lots of them. even wins much praise for the amazing performances that he pulls off. maybe an award too, every once in a while.

but the real clinchers are in movies where he plays the lead. they're more often than not gutsy movies, with drastically different storylines, sub-plots, able supporting casts, brilliantly executed projects and all in all a good way to spend a few hours. cases in point being 'waisa bhi hota hai' and 'sehar'.

ok! the marketing and hype that accompanies the usual bollywood product is missing in the above mentioned movies but hey 'mangal pandey' couldnt be saved with aamir khan himself indulging in direct selling whereas 'iqbal' managed to float through a lot of movie halls and generate enough interest considering its budget, which was a little more than that of a documentary.

so i'm a little confused. obviously the word of mouth plan isnt working here either, if thats what the makers were betting on. lets just hope that the poor sod doesnt give up and continues to do the good work inspite of the lack of adulation.

if this guy was a listed stock, i'd recommend a buy. he's an undervalued performer, and that too with a consistent track record. any of you producers out there reading this, pick this boy. he'll provide more bang for the buck.

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Anonymous said...

i couldnt agree more....seher was fabulous...more so Mr warsi.