Thursday, January 05, 2006

a diploma in intellectual property rights

as an addition to her degree in law makes my sister view everything from the standpoint of a paranoid lawyer.(the last two words might be repititive, excuse them, they're there for emphasis)

ever since i started posting blogs here, she's been giving me dire warnings about how some unscrupulous reader would plagiarise my texts and get them published someplace else. not to mention the fame and riches that will befall this dishonest person, all at my expense. so as a competent lawyer would, she advises me to register my trademark and at the very least append a copyright symbol to the essays here.

initially i believed that having a copyright on postings would take something away from the spirit of the blog, but she's relentless. she even sends me links to other blogs that carry a copyright symbol. she's obviously been trained well at law school. (i'm beginning to get an insight into how she managed to top the rankings there). in the face of such dogged recriminations i have chickened out and taken the easier option.

hence, all writing here is protected by this shield ©. so you evil, non-creative, plagiarising demons now be gone.


Legal Eagle said...

Finally you heeded my legal advice.
Though I'm secretly happy that you've written about me in your Blog, the "paranoid lawyer" bit was an exageration and quite unnececssary![People please note.]

Anonymous said...

Hey,Neat stuff Man.......keep at it.....D

Wafa said...

I suggest the Creative Commons License. Of course that's what you'd expect from the local open-source person, but it really is a good & smart way to protect your work while still keeping it open access. I suggest you talk to your sister about its legal validity in India, though.