Wednesday, January 11, 2006

eid mubarak

the year's first public holiday. i'm so glad i work for a bank. its awesome to have a day off in the middle of the week. this should happen every once in a while, the good news is that since i work for a public sector bank its actually going to happen quite regularly.

its especially nice since my last job was with a retail chain that didn't believe in the concept of having days off for employees. not a bad idea considering most people shop on their days off and hence retail stores stay open almost all through the year. it used to try my patience no end when i had to explain to people that i worked sundays, then they'll look at you with a dead pan expression and ask you once again about the necessity to work on sundays. i've stayed out of jail and away from life sentences only because of the will power i've managed to muster so as to not bludgeon people to death while explaining that most of humanity reserves sundays for their mall visits.

inspite of much editing, everything i've written that attempts to get past this point is a digression and hence has been deleted. i'll sign off here with my best wishes to all of you who sacrificed goats today. and a reminder to invite me to the next partaking of such a feast.

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devinette said...

hey man !

Am one of the sad bleepers who had to work on that day. And as a private organisation employee , all i can say is that you one lucky %$@#* !!!

But its really sad about all the poor lambs. Its a major festival in Hyderabad and they sell the animals on the roads. And it was such a heart wrenching sight. They were just standing on the street waiting to be killed.