Saturday, October 29, 2011

India v/s England - Only T20

Got to love T20 for the volatility.
The match started with India as comfortable favourites @ 1.60 and England @ 2.25. The Indians won the toss and decided to bat first. It took 2 quick wickets (both openers Uthappa and Rahane) for the first squaring-off opportunity to present itself. A partnership between Raina & Kohli kept India in the game with the price on India to win improving. However, the Indian innings never really got going and it took all of Dhoni's experience to get them to a run-rate of 6.00 at the end of their innings, as a result England were strong favourites at the break. I've tracked the prices till the 8th over of the English innings to better show the price volatility during the game, but there were even wider spreads on offer till the 12th over (as high as 10.00 on India to win) after which the markets closed as the English batsmen made sure that the advantage earned by the bowlers was not squandered.

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