Friday, October 14, 2011

Go Wales!

The Welsh to beat the French @ 1.72 in the 1st semi-final of the Rugby World Cup

Obviously, I'd rather support one of the 'home nations' against the guys on the other side of the channel. But this really is an exciting and talented young Welsh side. I expect this to be a closely fought match and I'd normally have opened with a position on the underdogs and waited for an ebb/flow in the game to take a counter position. Accounting for the unsettled dressing room makes France a bad bet here. Only traditional cross-channel rivalry explains them beating the English last week, a result which was very much counter to French form in the tournament thus far. No such sense of purpose likely against Wales. The French have been in the rugby finals twice before, while Wales have never gone past the semis. For the small yet proud nation that the Welsh team represents, that's more than enough motivation.

Half - time update! Wales 3 - France 6

This has gone pear shaped very quickly. For the first 15 minutes, Wales were very impressive and France looked disorganised. Then came a harsh red card for the Welsh, with a numerical disadvantage in the scrum and lineouts. Additionally, the second choice Welsh kicker has missed 2 opportunities. Instead of being 9-6 up, they're 3-6 down at half time. Wales seem to have lost the plot, rather than use the strength of their centres to target the French they keep trying to outflank the opposition, which isn't going to happen considering they are a man down. I don't see the Welsh recovering from this, so it looks like it'll be Blues against Blacks in the finals next week.

Full time - Wales lose!

Thanks to a display of crappy kicking. It was painful to watch, it did look like neither team wanted to win. At least, they gave each other plenty of opportunities to come back in the game. All in all, this was a game the Welsh lost, rather than a win by France. The real final is tomorrow though, France aren't good enough to trouble either the home team or the Aussies.

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