Wednesday, December 21, 2005

whats merry about christmas?

its that time of the year again. "what plans for christmas eve, yaar?". this question is definitely one of my most hated ones. its only a little less irritating than the one asked about plans for new years eve? i've never really understood the point. when i was younger and was on a misguided attempt to fit in, i did attend a few of the talked about events around these dates, and surprise, surprise. i didn't particularly enjoy myself too much. now i don't really care.

nothing personal against the christians, some of my best friends are believers, but it isnt exactly my festival. oh sure, divali is one of ours but i hate the period just as much. all that tension about shopping, gifts and visiting relatives does get on ones nerves. and the amount of force-feeding that happens isn't even funny.

festivals are a good excuse for the junta at large to take a break but the marketing extravanganza that usually follows, rather preceeds, makes it all seem more strenous than work. for god's sake, most of us have too much work to do at any given time. (even us bloggers) and we'd rather be spared of the need to shop and stress during and because of our holidays.

yes, i understand that i'm contributing to the growth of the economy and providing employment opportunities when i spend my hard earned moolah but please i'd rather the marketing guys came up with a less stressful way to stave off the next big depression. actually, the last big one wasnt all that bad, keynes made enough money off the stock market in the 1929-33 interim to stop teaching economics. maybe i can make enough off the next trough to be able to afford to start teaching the subject.

of course, theres also the possibility that i'm just cheap. earlier i was poor and thats usually a good enough excuse not to be spending money but now i'm thinking that at some fundamental level i'm just a penny-pinching miser.

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