Friday, December 16, 2005

a lot of hyderabadi biryani

thats what i ate for lunch today. theres this old place in colaba adjacent to the sahakari bhandar. by old i mean, i was taken there by my dad when i was in junior school.

good spicy hyderabadi biryani and some boondi raita to go with it. all for the princely sum of Rs.60. the owners obviously are the remnants of the old school of restauranters who believe in serious quantity. no faggoty small portions to tickle your taste buds. these guys believe in the strength of numbers to defeat your taste buds and appetite. eating at these places is like being part of a contest, i'm sure the management will snicker at you for not being man enough to eat everything that was dished out by them, they're liable to remember you for it too.

riding down to colaba for lunch is a pleasant experience. it sure is convenient since office is at nariman point and its just a 5 minute ride on the motorcycle. being an old school bombayite, i do believe that colaba is where the action is as far as bombay is concerned and even though i dont live there anymore its still "the centre of the universe" as an old friend would call it. having grown up seeing those buildings and seeing them now after a break of a few years is definitely reminiscing. i'll try to stay away from a trip down memory lane here.

eating hyderabadi food reminded me of a friends wedding i was unable to attend recently which was at hyderabad. would have definitely been able to sample some great cuisine while i was down there. now i'm full and comfy in my chair at work. i'm in danger of knocking off, which is what i would have done if i was at home. but alas, i have to spend what could have been a satiated afternoon reading up about mathematical models i need to be developing.

just writing that made me yawn, no i'm not kidding, it really did!

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