Wednesday, December 14, 2005

irritating advertising

i can deal with bad advertising but its the irritating ones that take the experience to a whole new level. these are the ones that have the highest frequency on air too. you could say that i notice them more often since i'm looking for them, and you may be right for all i know. perception, like beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

try as i might, i cannot imagine this scene in a very convincing manner. a company's conference room, the advertising agency that has been contracted is making the presentation, a whole lot of guys sitting around listening to the crap the ad agency is dishing out about a product these guys live with every day, and they buy the bullshit being dished out.

i won't get into the dynamics of the ad agency that puts out such garbage. who knows what their processes are and what systems they follow, maybe they have one, maybe they don't. i don't know anything about it. they are supposed to be the creative ones and thats not a trait bankers are exactly famous for. so i'm not exactly qualified to vilify them.

that doesnt mean i'm qualified to vilify the buyers of advertisements either. come to think of it, i'm not really qualified to vilify anybody. its an interesting thought and we'll come back to it in the course of another posting.

but coming back to the point. do these brand managers sit around after looking at a particularly irritating ad and think, "hmmm... my target audience needs to be irritated out of their skin and hate the product so that they'll have brand recall". not a bad way to go about it, may actually work in a reverse-psychology kind of way considering the amount of clutter there is in the advertising space. but then, i dont know anything about branding either.

what are they thinking, really? i'm curious. this is something i want to know. fill me in, somebody.

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Kev said...

Actually, having working briefly in advertising, you are perhaps not that far off the mark. Most advertising these days is product differentiation, ie, when people do into a store there are several brands of the same basic gunk. Advertising aims not to make you think one is better than the other, but simply to to remember it among all its near cloned cousins, hences, that irritating jingle, gag or joke - you hate it, but you don't forget it