Friday, December 09, 2005

opening statements - excuse the lack of brevity

I'm going to try and give a short brief on what one can expect to read here. This is also to remind me from time-to-time as to what i've committed to posting. I do expect to be quite a regular blogger, as can be inferred from the title of the blog. Areas of interest that are likely to show up are as follows (in no particular order):
1.Comics - mostly 'batman', 'calvin' and 'dilbert' also get mentioned, 'tintin' and 'asterix' are old favourites. going further back we have 'phantom', 'tarzan', 'flash gordon' and an indian favourite 'bahadur'.
2.Movies - used to be the hollywood variety now i've shifted alliances to the formulae concocted by the bombay film factories.
3.SBI - where i'm gainfully underemployed, surprisingly SBI. i'll try not to write too much about this. its dangerously obvious.
4.Motorcycles - its been a 10 year love affair as of now. it gives my wife insecurity. some subconcious link to ancestors in the cavalry, i suppose.
5.Traffic - might just end up as a diatribe against pedestrians and town planners. a 40 kilometre round trip for a commute every day doesnt help one make many friends on the road.
6.Relatives - its amazing how these guys are the fair weather friends that one keeps hearing about. they ignore you and dont even talk about you when you're struggling. when the goings great they'll all come to the wedding.
7.Friends - not exactly 'birds of a feather'. most of mine can't tolerate the others.
8.Alcohol - my motivation to turn down a job offer in saudi arabia which would pay me 5 times my current salary, an indication of its importance in monetary terms.
9.Food - i've run the gamut in variety here, both in price and taste.
10.Travel - did this a lot before i got a job.
11.Games - PC strategy games a la AOE, Sony PS, some online ones.
12.Sports - usually football & cricket, maybe even tennis
13.Poverty - one of the few things in life where i can say, "been there, done that". now when i pass by the cgs colony, the voice in my head goes "there but for the grace of god, go i".
14.Books - this is probably going to be the most regular entry. i do try and read a lot. the lack of importance attached to this ordering system will be self-evident eventually.
Guess this should be enough to get this gig started. We'll improvise, include additions and ad-lib as we go along.

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De Spe said...

Another fellow 'un'deremployed writes : yet another feather in yr 'well-blessed' cap. Pray Lady Luck continues to dote on you.