Monday, April 03, 2006

indefinite strike - day one

nothing interesting happened. no shouting, no sloganeering, no manhandling of employees who were attending. now i'm even feeling like an idiot for having parked my motorcycle quite a distance away from the corporate office, rather than in the building compound as i usually do.

considering the belligerence with which these guys were protesting i was sure that they'd burn vehicles on the days of the strike. no such luck. that would definitely get them some air time on the news channels.

the negotiations between the unions and the management/ministry of finance are still on. three rounds of talks have produced no result so far. looks like there's going to be a day two to this strike. which is really fine with me, theres peace and quiet in the office, and much less pressure but it does have its downsides. a lack of availability of coffee is one of them.

i never thought it would come to this but i'm experiencing caffeine withdrawal pangs. if this strike goes on for a few more days i might just get over the need for coffee, and thats not necessarily a good thing.

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Wafa said...

For shame! For shame! For once in your life you have the chance to be part of a true labor movement & what do you do? You _work_?? Judas.