Saturday, April 01, 2006

happy financial new year

and if you happen to be a client of the biggest behemoth in the indian banking industry then you better be marking this momentous occasion by drawing up an action plan to survive the next few days in the absence of essential banking services.

yes, i know its the 21st century and also that the soviet union has collapsed. and how can i ignore red china creating its own brand of state sponsored capitalism. but try telling that to the 200,000 banking comrades angling for a little more pension.

little matter if you retire as the chairman or the clerk, you still receive the same pension post-retirement. how much more egalitarian can a capitalist institution (a bank is most certainly one) become? marx and lenin couldn't find fault with this either, but yet again, don't tell the comrades for they will not listen.

an initial cost-benefit analysis clearly shows that, at a loss of 120 billion for each day that the banking industry stays shut, the government must incur the 6 billion expense to meet the demands of the protesting employees. but that would be tantamount to succumbing to blackmail.

as strikes in the public sector banking industry go, this one is bound to be different. for starters its indefinite, which usually means nothing so we won't put too much emphasis on that. but more importantly, the top brass are going to be supporting the strike too. logically, they have more of an incentive since they are the ones facing imminent retirement.

the impending strike has created a lot of brouhaha in the workplace. everyone's too busy to be doing any work. but to those of you on the outside, that would seem to be the normal scheme of things here, no?


gaurav said...

does it actually cost that much money every time government employees go on strike?

Anonymous said...

How do you say that post retirement whether chairman or clerk ... both draw the same pension?