Monday, April 10, 2006

back to pushing files once again

hallelujah! the strike has ended. the public sector monolith has its employees back. and they're happy. the problem is they aren't used to feeling happy at work. add this happiness to all the backlog and it will be a few weeks before things get back to normal. at least, from an operational point of view.

one can't help feel that there is a certain pattern to all of this. these guys went on strike just after a few holidays and they come back to work for a day before the next bunch of holidays. maybe this was just a ploy to get an extended vacation for everyone here, the pension granted might just be the bonus.

here's the contest question for the week: what are the odds that the dependably rude employees will now be a little polite to customers?


Javedbhai said...

I dont think SBI believes in treating its customers with anything other than rude behaviour. I am glad that the government has refused to give them leave during this week of bank holidays and the fact that they have to now work (for a change) on sunday as well. SBI seriously needs some HR tips, cos I am sure the "Surprisingly SBI" ads havent worked at all.Your bank SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Javed. By the way, what makes you think that the employees want to lose their right to behave rudely just because they are getting a few extra bucks after they retire?

Any change in behavior must originate from inside out and I doubt if it'll ever happen at SBI (except of course at the PBB).... a.