Monday, February 09, 2009

Give the dog a bone

or the hope of some. I wonder why all and sundry seem so interested in Pak's latest dismissal of some 'dossier' put together by a few Indian mandarins. Its basically a question of realigning their goals.

We recognise that country's broke or is getting there soon enough. Why not offer them a performance linked bonus? The top income tax bracket in India is 33%; I suggest we offer them the top 3%, provided there are no terrorist attacks by their co-religious fundamentalists on Indian soil during the financial year.

Personally, i don't see how bad it could be. Currently I pay taxes and receive crappy government service and worse roads. Giving Zardari and gang a few financial incentives in addition to the largesse from the Pentagon may or may not change the situation; can't be much worse than it is now. For the Pakis, it'll be like getting paid twice from two masters for doing essentially the same job.

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