Monday, February 02, 2009

Eye off the ball

The wife was in town all of last month, hence the quiet on the blog and the absence of spread analysis. But the break seems to have done some good, took a 100 punt on the angels of anfield at 2.5 to beat the residents of stamford bridge. The pay-off cancelled out all previous losses for the season. God bless the Spaniard.

The weekend could have been better with the correct call of the Super Bowl winners but laziness to workout the right spreads was a refresher course in opportunity cost.

Am betting against the grain for tomorrow and have 10 down on the Lankans beating Dhoni's men at 2.2.


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Wafa said...

Oh you bet on the Cardinals? Evan & I were quite disappointed that Arizona lost.

I didn't check the odds but I would be really surprised if the Steelers were not major favorites. All the talk I heard cast the Cardinals as underdogs. Of course, for underdogs they worked pretty hard in the first half to throw the game away.