Thursday, July 27, 2006


its monsoon season in bombay and i'm commuting on my trusted motorcycle. to protect myself from the elements i got myself water-proof riding gear.
but it never rains when i'm all dressed up in it. and these plastic things are too stuffy to be wearing if it isnt raining.
every morning when i'm leaving home i diligently put on the water-proof gear over my clothes and then proceed to ride to work, but then it never rains. the one day i had a tear in my rain gear it poured and i got drenched through that perforation.
so i got myself a new set of rain gear, the ironic bit is that i haven't had the need for it yet. it rains before and after i'm on the road.
in another era, i could have made a career out of this 'talent' of avoiding the rain. i'd get villagers to pay me to ride around their fields without any water-proof covers, i'd get thoroughly drenched and they would have irrigation. they could even pay me to ride around their rivals fields wearing rain gear and it would never rain there, ensuring his bankruptcy.
darn city life! i have no enemies who depend on rain water.


psychopath said...


psychopath said...

mwaah! this one i like :)

De Spe said...

the village irrigation part was damn hilarious. trust u to come up with the most "inane ****" without 5 other fellow bankers. ha ha

Liz said...

How much would you charge to come to Iowa and stand by car all night so that I don't wake up to a sopping wet front seat in morning?

My car has been nailed four days in a row and as soon as I make it to work and into my stops raining.

I'm getting a little upset here and tired of being soggy for half the day.

Reva said...


funny !