Friday, July 21, 2006

censorship - a fallout of terrorism

a delayed negative for those of us in this city who were not killed, injured or personally affected by the 7/11 bombings, at least for the ones who post/read blog pages.
the indian bureaucracy in its infinite wisdom has ordered the internet service providers to disallow access to blog pages. the reason being that apparently blog posts are the new communication medium of choice for terrorists planning large scale bombings.
the inherent idiocy of their actions are obviously not apparent to them, which makes it pretty evident that it will be impossible to make them see the futility of the same. it's akin to shutting down cellular networks because gangsters also use them, or banning all seafaring ships since thats how smugglers move their loot, or even better, prohibiting air travel since airplanes are what terrorists hijack the most.
how is it possible to indulge in a conversation based on logic with bureaucracy? i'm not even going to get into a tirade against state sponsored censorship, though i must admit i find the prospect quite tempting.
i do think that the governments action is going to make blogging even more popular, as is always the case with any prohibited product/service/idea. when will they ever learn that telling someone "you can't!" is the easiest way to get them motivated to do exactly the opposite.
what's wonderful is that technology allows you practically infinite options. the link below will get you access to the pages that the department of telecommunications would not like to see.


Anonymous said...

someone please plant a bomb in the babus office!

nytyn said...

that's it anonymous dude. now you're screwed. the cops are tracking keywords like the ones you used. they're probably on the way to take you in.

Anonymous said...

I like u anonymous...ur wicked

nytyn said...

is anonymous having a conversation with the self.

or are there actually two of you who can't click on 'other'?

Anonymous said...

how great is it to have two people who dont click on others :)

Liz said...

That sounds very far fetched for a govt. agency. Can they really monitor that many people? I mean, there are millions of people in your country. I understand only a small portion own a computer but's mind boggleing.

Why don't they use their man hours for hole digging so that you can have more toilets? :D (LOL)