Thursday, April 01, 2010

When will they ever learn?

I really like Rule # 2 (though i'd have made it rule #1)

Wannabe regime changers should really have an advisor on historical perspective, since everyone of these guys seem to make the same mistake of raising a beast that turns around and bites the hand that feeds.

Though i'd suppose it to be common sense to not get into a fight you don't need to. A fight that leads to a pyrrhic victory and a blood-letting situation you can't get out of should really be left alone.

Looking at how Af-Pak is turning out, am beginning to appreciate the Indian (lack of) response to terror attacks. Much better to be picking up the pieces and carrying on with your life, than stuck in some wild land for so long your forces/public don't recall the reasons they're putting their lives on the line. Especially when your ostensible allies feel more confident running you down in public.

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Wafa said...

I am in the middle of this book. Eye-opening.

Essentially the problem is twofold:
1. it's very, very difficult (if not impossible) for conventional forces to defeat a committed guerrilla insurgency. It always takes something else, because they can just wear a conventional force down. &
2. you can't win a war if you fight it half-heartedly. Conventional forces are designed for total war. It's what they know how to do. You can't tell them to minimize casualties, protect infrastructure, win hearts & minds, & simultaneously defeat a bunch of hardened guerrillas who don't care what they blow up if it gets them an inch closer to their ultimate goal.