Wednesday, June 07, 2006

everyone wants to be a traffic policeman

if you've ever watched a procession snaking its way through the crowded streets of bombay, you'll know what i mean. such processions always manage to throw up a fair number of guys who divert/direct traffic while selflessly giving up their participation in the event.

these chaps just wave their arms at cars and buses, shout at pedestrains and cyclists, feeling pompous and important all throughout. i guess everyone needs a power trip.

its probably some kind of throwback to their childhood. remember how kids in pre-school classes always want to grow up to be a locomotive driver, a fireman or a doctor? (can't recall anyone i know wanting to be an investment banker) maybe these guys wanted to be traffic cops.

perhaps from a certain perspective a traffic policeman is the epitome of cool. he stands there commanding a multitude of vehicles. every once in a while he gets to pull over a random car and boss over the driver. reality is very different but what the heck, the truth never stopped anyone.

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your point being????