Monday, May 15, 2006

the holiday that never was

a five day work-week takes a little getting used to. thats my learning as of last weekend. last saturday was a public holiday thanks to the 2,500th birthday of the buddha. a welcome break for those of us who put in six days at the office each week.

naps on saturday resulted in confusing wake-up states. i kept thinking it was sunday. a marathon movie watching session that lasted till the wee hours on sunday morning didn't do much for clarity. moreover, i substituted all my coffee intake with wine, which didn't help matters either.

thankfully, i didn't leave the house. the extent of my commuting being restricted between rooms. end result being an extremely slow monday morning at work. i havent managed to get past first gear, so to speak. everything's moving ultra slow and a caffeine intake is regularly needed.

if this is how it's going to be every time one gets a proper weekend off then i'm glad that i have a six day week. the one day off is just enough to recharge the cliched batteries. whereas a 2 day weekend causes a brutal shock to the body when you trudge into work the following monday. you're subconciously beginning to think that you're on vacation when you're pulled, kicking and screaming, into everyday life the very next day.

i havent often gotten a hangover from imbibing copious quantities of alcohol but i'm beginning to think i'm seriously suffering a hangover from the weekend.

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