Wednesday, February 22, 2006

speed demon

for a brief while this morning, on my way to work, i behaved like a juvenile biker. some young punk gave me a little handlebar bump at a traffic signal, and i just had to respond to that. some questions beg answering.

my motorcycle responds amazingly to a speedy start. the gears shift as smoothly as you'd like them to, the throttle opens up and the machine takes off while delivering a super thrust. very efficient response time.

as luck would have it, there was an open stretch of road after the signal and then a flyover. a good bit of road for a drag considering it was peak hour traffic time.

the young punk was ahead of me at the lights, since he nudged me in order to get there. once the lights turned, he went on the outside in order to get a clear run to the flyover. i decided to take the straight line. my gear shifts were better than his and i hit a 100 on the speedometer in good time, much before him anyway. as i reached the flyover a check in the rear-view mirror showed him as just a speck.

that battle was won, easily. but i let the bike cruise at that speed all the while i was on the flyover and this one was quite a long one too. theres quite a few things that you notice while riding at this speed, your shirt collar better be buttoned down or it flaps so much and so fast it hurts the collar bone. the wind whistles in your ear, and echoes in the helmet. your eyes water because of the windspeed. the temperature drops considerably. your visor rattles. and every undulation in the road is very pronounced.

exhilarating! an awesome way to begin the day. i'd have thanked the guy except for the fact that i never saw him again since he didn't manage to catch up.


gaurav said...

death to the slow! kill them all.

Anonymous said...

reading speed demon was better than watching speed. rev it up.

Carolyn said...


Nirupa Roy said...

Dont compete with such PUNKS in the future. There are some who are concerned for you.